SL #22: Early Stage Capital in Georgia

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My cohort Mike Blake took to the stage recently at the Technology Association of Georgia’s Entrepreneur Society and delivered one of the best presentations I’ve seen in a long time. The topic was “Early Stage Capital in Georgia”. And of course, the tape was rolling, and a slidecast of the presentation can be viewed/listened to by clicking on the slide image below. In my opinion, this is easily one of the most informative things we’ve ever published here.
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SL #1: Business Networking for Entrepreneurs

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Welcome to the inaugural podcast!

Join our guest (and co-host!) Michael Blake of Adams Capital to discuss business networking for entrepreneurs.
In this inaugural show, we focus on how entrepreneurs can better “network” in the real world. Should you hard sell the money guy at the networking event? What if the entrepreneur is “shy”, and not very outgoing? How can you evaluate your network, and what are the effective ways of building those key connections as an entrepreneur? How do you get the most out of your professional network?

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