SL #42: ATDC Now Rebooting … Please Wait

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Welcome to SL #42! Unless you’ve been under a rock for the past few weeks, you are no doubt aware that change is in the air down at the ATDC.  Stephen Fleming, recently promoted from his post overseeing Georgia Tech’s VentureLab is now the Vice Provost of the Enterprise Innovation Institute, and has folded VentureLab and the SBIR program into the new ATDC. Additionally, they’ve implemented a billion changes … and man, they’re good.  Stephen stopped by along with David Sung, who runs the ATDC Seed Fund, and we had a blast.  If you are an entrepreneur in Georgia, an investor that would like to gain a deeper understanding of these changes, you won’t want to miss this podcast.

We also dug up some old incriminating tape of Stephen sharing his true feelings on running VentureLab … a rare moment for sure – definitely tune in for that.  We also discussed the upcoming Venture Atlanta 2009 conference, and some of the new opportunities (and focus) on true early-stage companies.  Good stuff.

The good Mr. Blake suits up, takes the mound, and throws heaters at a a group of folks in Atlanta that just can’t seem to get with the program.  Another great selection of listener emails and a dash of StartupLounge humor to top it all off. Enjoy!

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SL #20: Inside Georgia Tech’s TI:GER Program

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Welcome to SL #20! In this show, we dive into the inner workings of Georgia Tech’s TI:GER program. TI:GER is the only program of its kind to bring together PhD, MBA, and law students in the classroom and research lab to learn about the challenges of commercializing innovative technologies.

The “bus” is in fourth gear on this show. Scott uses both hands to push the various “pay-to-pitch” outfits under the bus (including the reading of a rather gifted, but incriminatory email). We also have a nice batch of your emails to round out a lengthy, but great show!
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