SL #41: AWE – June 2009 – Atlanta Startup Cloud

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Welcome to SL #41! Mike Schinkel was kind enough to ask us down to speak at the monthly gathering of the Atlanta Web Entrepreneurs (AWE) group.  Initially, we were going to host a panel on raising capital (or something similar), but after a few conversations, the three of us decided to change it up a bit.  We presented our view of the current state of the Atlanta startup scene, how far we’ve come in just a few short years, and where we think it is going.  We also issues a call to action to members of the Atlanta startup community to help us build what we call the “Atlanta Startup Cloud” – a virtual incubator.

Apologies to everyone for us going over our time limit.  We quite literally threw the presentation together a day or two before the event.  In retrospect, we probably could have done a better job in marrying our content to Schinkel’s schedule.  We will most likely have an initial meeting with all the volunteers, then have another community meeting which will be a *very brief* presentation of where the group is, and to solicit additional ideas and direction.  As Schink points out in his opening remarks, this particular meeting was just the first meeting of many, and will eventually involve a lot of other groups within the community (not just AWE). Read the rest of this entry »

SL #9: The Psychology of Entrepreneurship

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Welcome to SL #9! Have you ever wondered why some entrepreneurs are more successful than others? What personality traits tend to skew a person toward being entrepreneurial and taking risk? In this show, we are joined by Dr. Doug Griest of Management Psychology Group.

Join us for a great chat about the inner workings of the entrepreneurial mind!

As usual, we throw some more folks “under the bus” in true fashion. Bringing you truth, justice, and the American way, baby!
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