The following is a “master archive” of all StartupLounge.com podcasts. They are listed in reverse chronological order (newest ones appear at the top).


“Marshall Seese”
Founder, Mowgli Games
Publication date: 07.11.2012


Due to the zombie apocalypse, the return of the Mayan aliens, and several other external factors, there were no shows recorded during this period. Thankfully, the zombies are dead and the aliens aren’t coming back. So …. look above for the latest shows. :)


“Atlanta Technology Angels – Live at 151 Locust”
Gordon Rogers, Atlanta Technology Angels
Publication date: 12.28.2009
“ATDC Now Rebooting … Please Wait”
Stephen Fleming, David Sung, ATDC
Publication date: 08.21.2009
“Value Plus Ventures”
Lee Provow, Value Plus Ventures
Publication date: 05.23.2009
“ATDC Entrepreneur Showcase 2009″
Publication date: 05.22.2009
“Intersouth Partners”
John Glushik, Intersouth Partners
Publication date: 03.24.2009
“Shotput Ventures”
David Cummings & Sanjay Parekh, Shotput Ventures
Publication date: 02.16.2009
“StartupLounge Mini-Documentary Video”
Produced by Rick Cohen, Endorphin Entertainment
Publication date: 01.30.2009
“A Conversation with Frontier Capital”
Joel Lanik, Principal, Frontier Capital
Publication date: 01.16.2009
“A Chat with the Commish”
Ken Stewart, Comissioner, Georgia Department of Economic Development
Publication date: 01.01.2009


“Atlanta’s Tech Operators”
Glenn McGonnigle, Partner, Tech Operators Fund
Publication date: 11.17.2008
“Company Spotlight: Accelereyes”
John Melanakos, CEO, Accelereyes
Publication date: 11.05.2008
“Don’t Despair!”
Lawrence Kersten, Co-Founder/COO, Despair.com
Publication date: 10.31.2008
“Catalyst Magazine Panel: Raising Capital”
Greg Foster (Noro-Moseley), Brian Patrick Cork (Cork Human Capital), Braxton Jarrett (ClearLeap)
Publication date: 09.13.2008
“Getting Engaged with Noro-Moseley”
Alan Taetle, Greg Foster
Noro-Moseley Partners
Publication date: 08.24.2008
“Angels in Atlanta”
Sig Mosley, Imlay Investments
Charlie Paparelli, Paparelli Ventures
Publication date: 08.15.2008
“MFG.com: From Bootstrapping to Entrepreneur of the Year”
Mitch Free
CEO, MFG.com
Publication date: 07.26.2008
“Inside Corporate Venture Capital with UPS”
Alan Koenning, UPS Strategic Enterprise Fund
Publication date: July 2008
“CapVenture and Global Crypto Systems”
Lance Weatherby, ATDC
Todd Merrill, Global Crypto Systems
Publication date: June 2008
“ATDC 2008 Entrepreneur Showcase Event”
Recorded live at the Biltmore Hotel
Atlanta, Georgia, May 15th, 2008
Publication date: June 2008
“Entrepreneurs vs. Employees”
Jerry Bostelman
Founder, VACO
Publication date: May 2008
“Early Stage Capital in Georgia”
Michael Blake
Adams Capital
Publication date: March 2008
“Cleantech Venture Capital”
David Kirkpatrick
SJF Ventures
Publication date: March 2008
“Georgia Tech’s TI:GER Program”
Kathleen Kurre
Georgia Tech
Publication date: February 2008


“A Conversation with Chrysalis Ventures”
Wright Steenrod
Chrysalis Ventures
Publication date: 11.17.2007
“Start-Up Council”
Genna Keller
Trevelino-Keller & Start-Up Council
Publication date: 08.25.2007
“Inside the Winner’s Circle: IVOX”
Gregg Warren
Publication date: 08.07.2007
“Healthcare Benefits for Startups”
Angus Mcrae
CEO, Angus Mcrae Insurance Brokerage Services, Inc.
Publication date: 07.21.2007
“Teambuilding in a Startup”
Andy Monin
CEO, Vendormate
Publication date: 06.15.2007
“A VC Who is Part of the Solution”
Jason Caplain
Southern Capitol Ventures
Publication date: 06.01.2007
“Intellectual Property Basics”
Larry Villanueva
Gardner Groff Greenwald & Villanueva
Publication date: 05.16.2007
“Pandora: A Dot Com Survival Story”
Tim Westergren
Publication date: 05.07.2007
“Legal Basics for Early Stage Entrepreneurs”
Joey Silver & Doug Spear
DLA Piper
Publication date: 05.03.2007
“The Psychology of Entrepreneurship”
Doug Griest
Management Psychology Group
Publication date: 04.21.2007
“Innovating in an Emerging Industry”
Stephen Fleming
Publication date: 03.30.2007
“Inside Atlanta’s Technology Incubator”
Lance Weatherby
Venture Catalyst, ATDC
Publication date: 03.21.2007
“MFG.com: From Bootstrapping to Globalization”
Mitch Free
CEO, MFG.com
Publication date: 02.23.2007
“Dispute Resolution Alternatives for Early-Stage Entrepreneurs”
Ellen Malow
President, Malow Mediation & Arbitration
Publication date: 02.18.2007
“TAG’s Strategy for Entrepreneurship in Georgia”
Tino Mantella
President, Technology Association of Georgia
Publication date: 01.27.2007
“Entrepreneurs & Consultants”
Anne Simons
TBD Brand Ventures
Publication date: 01.01.2007


“Digital Entertainment & Gaming Industry in Georgia”
Chris Klaus
CEO Kaneva
Publication date: 12.14.2006
“Business Networking for Entrepreneurs”
Michael Blake
Adams Capital
Publication date: 11.29.2006