Event Name: StartupLounge Atlanta

Each quarter, StartupLounge.com hosts an private networking event for early-stage entrepreneurs and investors here in the Southeast. Formerly called "CapitalLounge", the newly renamed "StartupLounge Atlanta" is attended by fast-growth entrepreneurs based in the Southeast U.S., as well as venture capital and angel investors from around the country. You can view photos of past events here.

The format is simple: cash bar, free gourmet food spread, lots of networking, several hundred vetted attendees, and no fees at the door.

PLEASE NOTE: In order to help mitigate Atlanta traffic, we are starting the event a bit earlier than we have in the past. Doors open at 4:00pm for investors and sponsors, and 4:30pm for entrepreneurs.

Aside from the many individual angel investors that attend, past and current investor attendees include:

  • Accuity Medical Ventures
  • Arcapita
  • Atlanta Technology Angels
  • Aurora Funds
  • Chrysalis Ventures
  • Crossbow Ventures
  • Croft-Bender Capital
  • EGL Ventures
  • Frontier Funds
  • Grotech Ventures
  • Kinetic Ventures
  • Harbert Venture Partners
  • Imlay Investments/Sig Mosley
  • Leader Ventures
  • Monolith Capital Partners
  • Noro-Moseley Venture Partners
  • Novak Biddle
  • Seraph Group
  • SJF Ventures
  • Smith Capital
  • Southern Capitol Ventures
  • Turner Broadcasting
  • UPS Strategic Venture Fund
  • Veritas Venture Partners
  • Xange Private Equity

Our goals behind the event are simple:

  • to provide an environment where early stage entrepreneurs can make connections with other like-minded entrepreneurs
  • to provide the opportunity for early-stage investors to meet and mingle with early-stage entrepreneurs
  • to provide an environment that is free of service-providers, brokers, consultants, job-seekers, and other such solicitations
  • to play a role in boosting the entrepreneurial/startup footprint of the southeast
  • to provide a centrally-located venue for attendees in the Atlanta area (perimeter, rather than downtown)
  • to facilitate this event at no cost to the participants

Who may attend?

If you fall into any of the following professional categories, you may be eligible to attend the StartupLounge Atlanta event. You will still need to apply online, however, in order to be considered.

We strongly encourage you to peruse the StartupLounge Frequently Asked Questions page before applying, or writing to us with questions.

For a more in-depth look at the deal selection process, click here.

  • An early-stage (fast growth) entrepreneur located within the Southeastern United States (Georgia, the Carolinas, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, Kentucky). Note: this is not the same as a "small business entrepreneur." We want people who are swinging for the fences, not starting a sandwich shop (nothing wrong with the latter, mind you, that just isn't our focus.) Bootstrappers and holders of idea-napkins are welcome to apply as well!
  • A later-stage entrepreneur seeking expansion capital or new network contacts (again, must be based in the S.E.)
  • An accredited venture capitalist
  • An accredited angel investor (as defined by the SEC: someone who earns over $200,000 a year for three years or for two years if they have a reasonable expectation of earning more than $200,000 in the current year or someone who has net worth in excess of $1 million.)
  • An observer (e.g. media, professor, etc.)
  • Some combination of the above (e.g. a successful entrepreneur looking to make an angel investment)

Please note that we define a "fast-growth" venture as one that will eventually employ between 20 and 500 people, have sales growth of at least 20 percent projected each year for four straight years, and target five-year revenue projections between $10 and $50 million. Typical industries would include (but are not limited to) information technology, healthcare, life sciences/biotech, pharmaceutical, energy/cleantech, and new media.

Who is not targeted for this event?

As the focus is on connecting entrepreneurs with other like-minded entrepreneurs and risk-focused investors, service providers, including, but not limited to, business brokers, attorneys, accountants, staffing companies, offshore service providers, marketers, IT services companies, and consultants, will not be allowed to attend. This is also not an event for job-seekers!

All investor attendees must clearly demonstrate a substantial risk component within their model (i.e. traditional venture capital, angel investing, etc.) As such, fee-based capital brokers, "pay-to-pitch" entities, debt providers (including banks), and other such organizations will not be permitted to attend.

Event Logistics:

Confidential - made available to approved attendees.

Event Sponsors:

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