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StartupLounge.com is an Atlanta-based 501c6 non-profit (and grassroots) organization with a mission to support the investment process in the development of emerging high-growth companies in Georgia and the southeastern United States.

The problem: The Atlanta area, and much of the Southeast in general, suffer from lack of capital investment into emerging early stage ventures, despite booming population and economic growth, the long-established presence of some of the world’s most important companies, and being home to outstanding centers of academic excellence. Because of certain systemic defects in the Atlanta early stage capital market, many entrepreneurs have become discouraged about the opportunity to grow their businesses in Georgia. This problem plagues much of the southeastern United States.

The causes: Atlanta, relative to markets like Boston and San Francisco, is a relatively young venture capital market. Consequently, there is not the broad, established base of investors that exists in these other markets. Further, entrepreneurs are generally not as sophisticated in their approach to raising capital in the Southeast as they are in more developed venture capital markets. Symptoms of the dysfunctional venture market in Atlanta include the following:

The myths: Many entrepreneurs believe that there is no early stage capital available in Atlanta, and investors think there is a scarcity of quality investment opportunities. Neither is true, but the environment is dysfunctional and there are systematic characteristics of the environment that actively prevent capital and quality opportunities from finding one another.

The solutions: The StartupLounge.com community seeks to be a force for positive change in developing the early stage entrepreneurial community in Georgia by providing education to entrepreneurs and investors (current and potential), and offering opportunities for opportunities and capital to find each other, in person, without interference by salespeople, amateur investment bankers or job-seekers.

Some of our more important activities include the following:


We encourage entrepreneurs to engage each other in helping to build vibrant businesses. If you need advice on any aspect of building or running your business, we encourage you to ask for help via our forums. If we can’t help you, we will do everything we can to find someone who can. This is our promise and commitment to you, the entrepreneur. Likewise, we encourage those more advanced entrepreneurs and subject matter experts to do their part to make average venture deals better, and to help other entrepreneurs expand their horizons.

We also ask that you please spread the word! If you know an early-stage entrepreneur who is struggling with certain aspects of launching or growing their business, please email them with a link to this site. Conversely, if you know a successful entrepreneur or investor who would like to engage with and mentor those less-experienced entrepreneurs, please extend to them our personal invitation to come and participate here within our community.

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